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Technique 101

Many of the difficulties encountered when learning the guitar can stem from not properly holding the instrument. Be it tilting the guitar down, resting the guitar in the wrong place, or any of the other many mistakes you can easily make when learning to play, you will want to know what to look for so you can catch yourself and avoid the common problems.

Technique 102

A three-fingered technique is not bad; but it's not good either. Learning to play with four fingers will not only make the guitar easier, but will allow you to play some things which would be impossible with just three fingers. Developing this technique from the beginning will help prevent inhibiting habits from taking root that will leave you on the outside looking in when it comes to many styles and tricks.

Chords 101

Get familiar with a simple way to learn chords. This lesson contains a detailed walkthrough of how to understand some common illustrations that show where to place your fingers to play certain chords. In doing so, you will learn two chords to help move forward with your ability to strum chords in the subsequent lessons.

Chords 102

Following up on what you learned in Chords 101, Chords 102 takes your two chords, Em and Am, and puts them in the context of musical time. By learning to change between the two chords in a structured and disciplined manner, you will learn how to gradually increase your ability to switch between chords while feeling challenged, but not overwhelmed.

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