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How should you hold the guitar with your hands? Which way should you grip a pick? What fingers should you use when playing a certain song? These are but a few things you may have wondered about, or perhaps never even considered when trying to learn the guitar. Through the lessons you will develop proper form and not be left with 'crooked' technique.


The foundation of solos and melodies is found in what are called 'scales'. By learning scales, you will be halfway there towards being able to play your favorite leads and fills. We will not only cover how to play scales, but of equal importance, where and when to use them, so that you can create your own solos and melodies.


The idea of being able to play your favorite songs is likely the very inspiration that brought you to the guitar in the first place. So, after just a few lessons to establish good form, we will start out learning some of the more catchy guitar riffs you have come to love before moving on to complete arrangements so you can play along with a full song.


Inevitably, you will want to create music of your own. When we learn songs, you will also learn what goes into making such music. By learning about musical theory in context, you will then be able to apply this knowledge to your own creative outputs and in the process discover the most fulfilling part of being a musician.


More commonly and accurately known as ‘playing chords’, learning to strum the guitar is perhaps the most common aspiration for all beginners. You will not only learn plenty of chords throughout the lessons, but also how to actually make music with them due to the great emphasis placed on being able to switch from one to another without taking all day.

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